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Daily Workout of the Day (WOD)  maximize your movement potential; this class is focused on improving one’s strengthskill and conditioning, we offer components for all ages that will shape you into the athlete you never knew you could be!

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Ageless Fit - relearn and restore your movement potential; this class focuses on rehabilitation, strength development, balance and posture.

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Kids Move - Developing and challenging age appropriate motor skills like coordination, strength, agility, flexibility and mobility in a fun and supportive environment.. Movement is an incredibly valuable stimulus for a young organism too often overlooked or diminished in favour of technology and school overload. This class strengthens both physical and mental health, increasing self confidence.

Olympic Weightlifting - enhance your strength and conditioning with fundamental weightlifting. This 60 minute class is designed to not only increase your explosive power but build your confidence with one of the best tools in the gym - the barbellNo prior experience required.

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Personal Training & Nutritional Coaching - Personal Training at its best. Our staff's vast experience, knowledge and passion will produce the results you seek.

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